Zahra and the Oil Man is a story about the daughter of a Muslim street merchant, who fights to save her father's struggling business in hopes of changing the trajectory of her family's financial future.

Zahra must go to work with her father, Hafeez the Oil Man, during the week because the family couldn’t afford summer camp. Zahra is a 10 year old brainy girl, who is quick wit and filled with curiosity. She is full of ideas and she wants to help her father’s struggling business of selling Muslim oils, soaps, and incense. However, Hafeez has his own strategy and he doesn’t want his daughter to disrupt the way they do business.  They both come with their own resistance to change and each must learn to meet in the middle. This experience places this father and daughter’s relationship to the test. Zahra and Hafeez both learn about themselves and what unfolds is a different level of their father and daughter bond that will be unbreakable as they move towards their future.